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Auger Tools

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Auger Tools

Whether you’re in geotechnical, environmental, exploration or the construction industry N&N Drilling Supply has a variety of auger tools, equipment and accessories used for soil sampling, ground water monitoring, construction and mining applications.

  • Hollow Stem: 2-Key & 3-Key
  • Octagonal
  • Cutter Heads – All Sizes: Spade, Blade, Bullet, 5-T, Concrete Cutters
  • Solid Flight Augers
  • Blades, Blocks, Pockets, Spades, Bullets
  • Finger Bits
  • Drive Caps
  • Cap Adapters
  • Auger Pilot Bits
  • Auger Hooks
  • Bolts and Repair Inserts
Geotechnical Auger Tools mining sampling monitoring

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