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Steel Casing

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Steel Casing

N&N Drilling Supply manufactures the largest variety of Grout Casing in the industry and stocks a full line of “W” series casing made of high strength steel tubing.

N&N Drilling Supply uses top quality 4130 grade material; our in-house engineers have designed field-tested dual and triple lead threads as well as developed several thread designs to meet individual contractor’s needs and industry standards.

“W” series steel casing offers the extra strength of double butt joints and added ease in cleaning threads. Out casing is flush threaded inside and out and, because of it’s “w” series design, it does not require the use of coupling. The outside diameter of each size casing will fir the hole drilled by the next larger size core bit and dimensional design also allows one size of casing to fit within the next larger size.

Standard for quality, N&N Drilling Supply casing meets or exceeds all DCDMA standards for uniform concentricity, size, material and threads and each piece is inspected for tight tolerance by a skilled staff of CNC operators.

N&N Drilling Supply manufactures a large variety of Flush Joint Casing from top quality 4130 grade material, heat treated ends are available at an additional cost, 1026 and N-80 grade materials are available at reduced pricing and left-hand threading is available at no additional cost.

Stock Sizes: AW, BW, NW, HW, PW, SW, UW, ZW, BWT, NWT, HWT, PWT, SWT

Our fully stocked warehouse means orders are shipped immediately which greatly reduced downtime and many of N&N Drilling Supply products, including our casing are in stock and may often ship the same day we receive your order. We also offer a complete line of Drive Heads, Drive Shoes, Diamond/Carbide Casing Shoes and Casing Advancers.

*Special material and threading options available

Casing Types:

  • Flush Joint: – “W” & “WT” Series
  • F-480 Flush Joint
  • Grout Casing
  • Galvanized & Stainless

Also Available:

  • Drive Shoes
  • Casing Advancers
  • Casing Cutters
  • Wash Tees
  • Diverters

Not sure what size you need? Click here for a sizing chart!

w series steel casing grout casing 4130 grade material